söndag 18 november 2012

Some rooms getting ready (almost)

Second floor is far ahead the rest of the house. Bedrooms are now more or less painted and even some wall paper has come up in one of the girls room.

Already moving in

Last week-end I really needed some working space. The house keeps above 20 degrees now and of course plenty of room. I got a really good work session (and probably not the last one before ready. . . )


I am telling you. This was one of the most exciting milestones of this project. For a long time we tried to get hold of sufficient amount of old, used bricks. We ended up buying new ones but the way they are burnt, the way the look old was exactly as we had hoped for. 

lördag 13 oktober 2012

Personality comes with the . . . windows

Dressing up - Panel on

And the panel came with our sun sparkling Osmo colour on it - at last it looked like a house - even from outside

Finishing the Guesthouse

Think it was around the 10th of July we finally could move into the guesthouse. For some weeks/months this will be the home of parents, 2 small kids, mother in law and our cat. We got inside 50 m2 + 20 m2 loft. Thats not bad - for a guesthouse. . . 

Small celebration with Entrepeneurs day we moved in

House coming

5th of July house arrived. Felt like X-mas morning. Extreme excitement. It was up in 5 days and roof was on 10 days later than that.

5 trucks 18 m each - thats one house

Leveling - not sure if they did the best possible way 

söndag 3 juni 2012

Moving out - will miss the view !

For 15 months we were lucky to camp in a house in neighbourhood. Great location stunning sea view - will miss that one. 

Here follows some snapshots from last week exhausting moving maneuver. 

Our stuff is now located 5 different containers and storage locations. Oh God !

Need no explanation - stuff all over

Lucky Jade - you will not remember any of this

Polish Polish for 14  hours + Carmen and Anahi

Yes Anahi - good enough

Oh same color as above - progress in guesthouse - but without windows paint will not do
                       ANAHI: OH no not the same color...not!