lördag 13 oktober 2012

Personality comes with the . . . windows

Dressing up - Panel on

And the panel came with our sun sparkling Osmo colour on it - at last it looked like a house - even from outside

Finishing the Guesthouse

Think it was around the 10th of July we finally could move into the guesthouse. For some weeks/months this will be the home of parents, 2 small kids, mother in law and our cat. We got inside 50 m2 + 20 m2 loft. Thats not bad - for a guesthouse. . . 

Small celebration with Entrepeneurs day we moved in

House coming

5th of July house arrived. Felt like X-mas morning. Extreme excitement. It was up in 5 days and roof was on 10 days later than that.

5 trucks 18 m each - thats one house

Leveling - not sure if they did the best possible way