fredag 30 maj 2014

Outdoors with a twist of orange zest

Humm.... got a bit inspired by this wall.If only we had a better
climate over here, so one could enjoy warm summer nights. 
Maybe you can?

Flower pots and Lantern , Pillow with insect Outdoor lamps and Side  Outdoor  All dinnerware Fillipa 
Flower pillow:fabricjunkie1640String 
Flower pots: fabricjunkie1640

tisdag 20 maj 2014

Outdoors Yin's & Yangs!

Suns out, and my fingers are craving to fix the outdoor areas. But no garden yet or terraces so I will just fantasies about this for another month or so.

                            For Scandinavia
Flower Pots:, Pillow cases, candle, tray and skull plate, and printed bowls:, Black china:, Outdoor fabric:




tisdag 13 maj 2014

Scandinavian 1960 house makeover - Living room

This project have been on going for a couple of years. And it´s slowly coming to it´s end.
To see more of this project like before and afters go to PORTFOLIO.

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onsdag 7 maj 2014

50 shades of pink!

Outdoor inspiration. 

For Scandinavia

Ellos Home:Sittkudde Tilde, Ljuslykta, Duk Nena 90x90 cm, Stol Garden, Haremsbyxa, Nike Mdl 260 Silver/Pink Force Solglasögon,  ZARA home: COLOURED GLASS, Zara women: skor och skärp, HM women öronhängen
HM Home: Mönstard kudde Lagerhause: Textad kudde, Rosa lycka, Annas lyckta Gråa trädgårds krukor IKEA: Rotting stol och fotpall ÅHLENS: Randig kudde

tisdag 6 maj 2014

Garden phase TWO

Next step: Get the stones and gravel masses to the backyard. Even it out and dream about a deck at least.
It feel very far away right now.