torsdag 21 mars 2013

The toddlers’ room

Here is my inspiration for my 2 year olds room.
She got the room with the best view.

I got inspired from
I’m a big wallpaper lover and  Osborne and Little is one of my all time favorites. Thats why it was an obvious choice !

As time goes and we have still not moved in our 2 year old has grown out of the crib. She will take over her big sisters vintage bed that will be painted in coral.

For the bedding we will use Amy Butlers fabric -“ Peacock Feathers “

I had the idea as so many others to paint the famous paper lamp from IKEA “Maskros”.
But haven’t we seen it too much? It’s been hacked in all kinds of forms and shapes?
Still is a cool lamp, can’t decide if I should get it or not?

måndag 18 mars 2013

Wallpaper love....

I just saw the ad of this wallpaper in the lasted issue of Living ECT.
Have always loved those covers from the Penguin books, as a child.... and now there is new Osborne and Little wallpaper with books covers all over!
I have to get this in some where in my new house; maybe the studio could have an accent of those lovely colors?

torsdag 14 mars 2013

My inspiration for big girls room

We both like the seating area

 Nice color of the bed and the bedding is really nice too.

Cool bed side tables and nice color

onsdag 13 mars 2013

Mommy vs. the eighth year olds taste

So we re now exited to get things going and finally be able to move in;)
This will still take some time.

One of my big fears at the moment has nothing to do with the constructions.
It’s my 8 years olds way of decorating….HELP!!!
She has picked out a nice wallpaper and walls will go turquoise.
Its great she starts developing her own taste.
Don’t wont to risk that she becomes a copycat or a mainstreamer!!

Anyway what is my problem?
ONE DIRECTION !! At the moment she is turning her new room in to a One-direction fan club.

What I’m I to do?

tisdag 12 mars 2013

Entrepreneur trouble

We have now experienced having a building suite on hold for over 2 months. Our contractor is bankrupt and we have for the last month been dealing with the insurance company to get our ”finishing insurance”.
In Sweden to get a mourgage you need to buy a special building insurance.
This insurance covers up to 10% of the total contract.
After a very stressful month not knowing if we would get the insurance or not we had some great news on Friday. . .  So now its fresh re-start of the project with new contractor and new great spirit. Whish us luck !!  

torsdag 7 mars 2013

Steel kitchen from IKEA

For some time we have been searching around for steel kitchen. Not so easy but IKEA saved us a trip to London (and a lot of money) - and will deliver our steel furniture perfectly suited for the industrial feeling we want to create. 

onsdag 6 mars 2013

Winter garden/conservatory

I have to say that I´m very happy with how the outcome of the winter garden looks!

March, and its standing still!

Snow is slowly reducing and part of me loves it we have had a very, very long winter. 
What hides in the snow will soon be reveled, and I will find myself leaving in a garbage dump ;(

Still hope to get the outside finished by the end of this month and hopes that April will bring money and happy builders?