måndag 30 januari 2012

Selling an old house

People tell us how much stress and worries there is building a new house. Well it might be, but what is much worse is selling an old one. We moved into our house in Malarhöjden December 2002. An early 19th century house got hours for 3.1 mill SEK. The job began immediately and after 8 years with yearly renovations the house was ready to be sold. We decided us April 2010. We spent the summer for final renovations,
Then one month cleaning an throwing, before the final styling, then photo session (house shall look perfect!) and finally putting it out there – FOR SALE – then we where end of September . . .

One young couple fell in love with the house. The girl - a lawyer – did her homework and finalizing the contract took even one more month. Phu. . .we could move on. . .so we thought. Only one week after they took over the house in February 2011 they could sense some kind of odor coming from the bathroom. 4 round of tube-analyze specialists, 40’ SEK and 5 months later we could shake hands with the new owners now hoping everything would stay good – 15 months did it take. . . 

By Anders and Anahi

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