lördag 30 november 2013

This Christmas is in the rainbow

It´s been three years sense we had Christmas at “home”. So we are very eager to get starting whit the decorations. Coming from an old house whit a 1920 style to our new house that is a bit of everything. We decided to get more eclectic this year less traditional in our decorations.

Moved in!
I´m back! Opps it´s been a long time sense I posted anything on this blog. Time fly’s with moving in and all other stuff that’s been going on.
And woops it’s nearly Christmas again… and looking back on this year it’s hard to think that a year ago we had all the troubles in the world whit our building site. But all things comes to end and finally here we are in our new house!!!

There are of course some works to finish both outside and inside but we are slowly getting there.

tisdag 26 november 2013

This it what it all came too. 
We had it custom made with Berzetti KB.
Although our floor is fake oak, we are happy with the result of the staircases color they are made of real oak and so is the stair handles.