måndag 30 januari 2012

Visiting the Factory in Latvia

Modern houses are not built on-site – they are built in factories. Actually our house is built in Kalnciems, Jelgavas Rajons, Latvia. Haven’t heard of it ? Well check it out - that’s what we did.

End of July Ulf and Ivars (head of WWL) hosted a 2 day trip to Latvia where we (Anahi, Jade, my father and me) where able to see the factory and how walls and furniture’s where produced on top modern machines (This region gets the highest EU subsidies – so thanks to every EU citizens for your contribution !)
After the inspection that included a lot of questions from my father. . . we could head towards the beautiful beaches in Jurmala. We did not have the best weather but the place was a super nice. Thanks Uffe !

Back in Riga we could prepare for a overwhelming dinner together with Ulf and Ivars.
The next day we got a tour in the WWL Riga office where a number of project managers and architects works on the different projects. My father recognized a name on one of the drawings hanging on the wall. A known of him from Gjövik area was a customer and then even my father could feel comfort. . . . . 
We sent him home and Anahi, Jade and myself enjoyed one more day in beautiful Riga.
By Anders

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