torsdag 21 mars 2013

The toddlers’ room

Here is my inspiration for my 2 year olds room.
She got the room with the best view.

I got inspired from
I’m a big wallpaper lover and  Osborne and Little is one of my all time favorites. Thats why it was an obvious choice !

As time goes and we have still not moved in our 2 year old has grown out of the crib. She will take over her big sisters vintage bed that will be painted in coral.

For the bedding we will use Amy Butlers fabric -“ Peacock Feathers “

I had the idea as so many others to paint the famous paper lamp from IKEA “Maskros”.
But haven’t we seen it too much? It’s been hacked in all kinds of forms and shapes?
Still is a cool lamp, can’t decide if I should get it or not?

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