söndag 27 maj 2012

Preparing to move

For weeks now we have  moved stuff to a small house we are borrowing from our new great neighbors. It means that approximately half of our things now is moved. On Tuesday the  Russian guys from last time is coming to move the remaining. 

Guesthouse has been delayed 2-3 weeks because late arrival of our windows to the factory in Latvia. We are also waiting for outdoor panel, roof and last finish inside. It looks very nice and we really hope we can move in before midsummer 25th (at the latest).

The foundation (entry level) is also getting close to finished. Obviously the whole ground construction was more complex than expected, but looking at the photos under it really looks solid.

Here follows some photos from the last couple of weeks.
Iron for construction

Iron placed on top of Leca

Good working weather

The foundation of love. . . .

Ready for loads of concrete

Guesthouse plastered and ready for some micro-lit - then paint

The foundation goes beyond the basement

Carmen found some space for fixing the sofa. . . in the garage

Stairs on its way in guesthouse

One last one on foundation. . . 

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